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1. Does this handle come as a left (or right) hand as well?

- If you are purchasing a set of handles from our ironmongery collection, they mostly come in pairs. When you buy a pair of shoes, you get one left, one right. It's the same with door handles. 

2. How do I know what size lock I require?

- Locks are usually sold as 2.5" (65mm) or 3" (76mm). This is known as the depth of the case (how far you have to mortice the door). The backset is the distance between the front of the lock and the key hole. In a 2.5" lock, this measurement is 1.3/4" (44mm). In a 3" lock, this measurement is usually 2.1" (54mm).

If you know the lock is a CHUBB lock, this distance is imperial and is not comparable to other lock cases. You will require a replacement CHUBB lock over a modern equivalent.